Holding in the hands of the family

The Zimmermann Group currently comprises eight companies that assume the transportation, disposal or system construction for various services and sites. The umbrella organisation of the Group that manages all the companies is Eberhard Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG at the main office in Gütersloh. The entire family, with  sons Eberhard, Gerhard and Reinhard (left to right) work here. The Zimmermann Group has 230 employees and also runs an apprenticeship program.

Gerhard Zimmermann

Gerhard Zimmermann, managing partner of the administration and Zimmermann Sonderabfallentsorgung und Verwertung GmbH & Co. KG, is responsible for the areas of chemical-physical treatment and conditioning of solid matter in mineral waste.

"By investing in our systems, we want to improve the quality of our treatment methods and procedures. We want to conserve our environment so that the generations that follow us can enjoy the world they live in."

Eberhard Zimmermann

Eberhard Zimmermann, managing partner of the administration, the GVE Gesellschaft für Verwertung und Entsorgung and the company Ruppenthal Sonderabfall GmbH in Mülheim/Mosel, is responsible for the areas of intermediate storage and the treatment of flammable waste.

"Waste doesn't just end at our company. Instead of simply incinerating it, we treat this waste so that it can be sent to an alternative energy-efficient disposal system.“

Reinhard Zimmermann

Reinhard Zimmermann, managing partner of the administration and the Zimmermann Transport- und Chemiehandelsgesellschaft, is responsible for the logistics throughout the Group.

"The continuous new developments in the vehicle market, in particular with respect to minimising emissions, mean that we need to keep on investing in new or replacement vehicles. We want to make a positive contribution to the environment by keeping our vehicles state-of-the-art."