Zimmermann Sonderabfallentsorgung Nord GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director: David Zimmermann

Am Recyclingpark 12
31618 Liebenau

Tel.: 05023 98301-0
Fax: 05023 98301-23
E-Mail: info@Zimmermann


Zimmermann Sonderabfallentsorgung NordGmbH & Co. KG operates a chemical-physical treatment system at its site in Liebenau for the environmentally-compatible disposal of flammable, watery substances. The water produced can be returned to the natural cycle via a sewage treatment system.  Depending on their composition, the solids produced in this process are sent to special landfills, recycling systems or our own solid conditioning system in Gütersloh. The quality checks of the incoming and outgoing waste are carried out by the specially designed laboratory.