Ansiedlungsvertrag zwischen BASF Grenzach und Zimmermann einvernehmlich aufgelöst

Die BASF Grenzach GmbH und die Zimmermann Sonderabfallentsorgung GmbH & Co. KG - Region Süd - haben vereinbart, ihren Vertrag über eine Ansiedlung des Entsorgungsunternehmens im Grenzacher BASF-Werk einvernehmlich aufzulösen.


Zimmermann cleans extinguishing water from a large fire at Wiesenhof in Lohne

A large fire broke out on the grounds of the poultry slaughtering company Wiesenhof in Lohne (Vechta district) on Easter Monday. Up to 520 members of the police, rescue and firefighting services worked for 24 hours on site before the situation was under control.


BASF Schwarzheide GmbH concludes disposal contract with Zimmermann

BASF Schwarzheide GmbH and Zimmermann Entsorgung GmbH & Co. KG from Ladeburg signed a disposal contract in February 2016. The optimised separation of the wastewater flow at the BASF site will allow new and sustainable disposal as of 2017. To this end, BASF has invested in a flow dividing system for its Schwarzheide site.


ZIMMERMANN in a new look

At the start of the year the Zimmermann Group presented itself in its newer, fresher look. The modernisation and standardisation of the logo, a new claim and the revision of their corporate design will play an important role in ensuring a more uniform and modern brand image. In addition to relaunching the website, other measures were taken with respect to the internal and external marketing communication to underscore and support the general expansion plans and the growing globalisation of business activities.

2014 - 2015


New building and modernisation in 2015: The Zimmermann Group is replacing the after-treatment facility at the main site in Gütersloh

The Zimmermann Group, whose head office is located in the East-Westphalian town of Gütersloh, started work on the installation of a new after-treatment facility for the chemical-physical treatment system.


Dr Uwe Artschwager-Perl has been part of the Zimmermann Group for 25 years

At a small celebration in the environment laboratory of the Zimmermann Group, the managing director congratulated the long-standing head of the Group's environment laboratory Dr. Uwe Artschwager-Perl (59).


Expansion: The Zimmermann Group now has a site in The Netherlands

The Zimmermann Group from the East-Westphalian town of Gütersloh has founded a subsidiary, Zimmermann Recycling International B.V. in Almelo, that started business on 01.06.2015 at the new site in The Netherlands.


Patrick Schildmann took 2nd place in the 'Young European Truck Driver' competition

Our employee Patrick Schildmann came second at this year's Young European Truck Driver competition in Södertälje in Sweden. He had previously qualified for the European finals as the best German truck driver and can now call himself one of the best truck drivers in the world.

Foto: Volker Hammermeister, Scania


Zimmermann Engineering GmbH & Co. KG: New wastewater treatment system for adhesives specialist Bostik

The new two-level wastewater treatment system that can process up to 100 cubic metres day was installed on the grounds of the company Bostik GmbH in Borgholzhausen (Gütersloh district) at the beginning of May.


WPC project completed

In June 2014, the Winkelmann Powertrain Components (WPC) based in Ahlen/Westphalia commissioned the Zimmermann Group to act as the general contractor for the construction of an emulsion tank system, to pave the system site and connect the plant pipes.



Zimmermann Group clean polluted water from rainwater retention basin in Ahlen

On Thursday afternoon, on 05.06.2014, it was discovered that halogen-free processing emulsion from a supposedly closed circuit had escaped through a leak at the company Winkelmann Powertrain Components and had seeped into the Ahlen rainwater drainage system, from where it entered a 10,000 cbm large rainwater retention basin on the Schinkelstrasse.


Systematic safety

The Zimmermann Group has been awarded the 'Systematic safety' quality seal for the next three years. This quality seal verifies the occupational safety at the sites in Gütersloh.
Health & safety has always been a priority for the Zimmermann Group which is why the company decided to make this official and arranged for the...


Fire service trains in demolition building

Around 60 firefighters from the districts of Gütersloh, Avenwedde, Friedrichsdorf and Isselhorst carried out an exercise under real conditions in a former private residence that was later used as the Zimmermann administrative headquarters before it is to be replaced by a new hall.


Cord-Rüdiger Witt has been part of the Zimmermann Group for 25 years

At a small celebration in the environment laboratory of the Zimmermann Group, the managing director, Gerhard Zimmermann, congratulated Cord-Rüdiger Witt (51), who has worked for the company for 25 years.